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At the End of Time: The Eschatological Expectations of the Church

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Christians have always wondered what might take place at the end of time. To answer such questions, it is common to turn to Scripture and the many texts of the Church Fathers concerning the eschata. In his book, "At the End of Time: The Eschatological Expectations of the Church," Bishop Gerasimos of Abydos offers his knowledgeable reflections on the texts of the Church and Her Tradition concerning the last things and the Kingdom of God to come.



p. vii


p. 1

The "Last Things" in Holy Scripture

p. 7

The "Last Things" According to St. Paul

p. 15

The "Last Things" in the Revelation of St. John

p. 23

The Millennium: The 1,000 Year Reign of Christ Before the General Resurrection

p. 35

The First Resurrection and the Second Death

p. 41

The Final Victory Over Satan

p. 51

The Resurrection

p. 59

The Final Judgment

p. 67

The New Creation

p. 77

The Blessings of the New Creation: the Kingdom of God

p. 81


p. 89

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Bishop Gerasimos of Abydos

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