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The Akathist Hymn

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This is a new and inspirational rendering of one of our oldest Liturgical treasures. The Salutations themselves have been rendered in a manner reflecting the poetic cadence of the original Greek yet maintaining the integrity of the English language. Each of the Fridays, from the first to the fifth is complete without flipping pages back and forth. The confusion of what to pray and when has thus been eliminated. The translation follows the traditional music of the Byzantine chant.

The book itself is beautifully bound. The print is readable, and the compact size makes it an easy fit for pocket or purse.

The listener of the CD will be able to choose hearing the entire service or only excerpts. The Byzantine chant, rendered by a chorus of priests, is truly inspirational, and also serves as a learning tool for participation in the hymnology. The Service is easily chanted to the traditional melody.


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