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A Handbook of Pastoral Correspondence

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=This Handbook is a unique resource that has no precedent in our Church in America. For the first time, a comprehensive collection of pastoral correspondence has been brought together to assist the ministries and administrative work of parishes.

The same Handbook is also highly informative. A review of its contents reveals the tremendous breadth of activity within our parishes throughout the Archdiocese. From letters for hierarchs and clergy, elected and local officials, parish councils, church schools, stewardship, and the sacramental, philanthropic and social ministries of the local parish, this book offers a glimpse into the sacred and vital service that our clergy and laity are conducting each and every day.

This Handbook constitutes a remarkable guide for pastoral correspondence. It will assist many of our clergy and parish leaders as a ready resource for effective and timely communication. It will also assist parishes in planning regular activities and special events so that the witness of our Orthodox faith is offered through every manner of correspondence and in every possible way."  From the introduction, by Archbishop Demetrios of America.


 Chapter 1: Correspondence with Clergy
1a. Hierarchs 1
Invitation for a Visiting Hierarch to Celebrate the Divine Liturgy...
Letter Accompanying a Book Sent as a Gift to a Bishop...
Informing the Local Hierarch of Parish Election Results...
1b. Priests 28
Congratulations on Being Appointed Archdeacon...
Declining and Invitation to a Clergy Retreat
Nameday Wishes
Chapter II: Correspondence with Local Authorities and Institutions
2a. Politicians
Initial Communication with a Politician...
Congratulating/Inviting a Newly Elected U.S. Senator to the Parish...
Thanking a District Leader
2b. Police
Commending a Police Officer for Outstanding Service...
Permit for Procession on Good Friday...
Request for a Police Parking Permit...
2c. Media
Letter to Archdiocesan Media Officer...
Sample Press Release...
Letter to a Newspaper to Cease and Desist from Printing False Information...
2d. Grant Proposals to Foundations
Letter Seeking Funds for Renovation...
Request for a Grant...
Naming Rights Request...
Chapter III: Correspondence with the Parish Community 79
3a. General Correspondence
Invitation to Attend Enthronement...
Flyer for Community Benefactors Luncheon...
Appeal Seeking Donations...
3b. Parish Council
Announcement of Upcoming Parish Council Elections
Rescheduling a Parish Assembly...
Substituting a Parish Council Member...
3c. School
Welcoming Parents...
Pitch Letter to Prospective Parents...
Affirmation of Status of PTA Officers...
3d. Youth
Youth Coordinator Job Description...
GOYA Membership Form...
Starting a Young Professionals Group...
3e. Membership/Stewardship
Thank-You Letter for Membership Dues...
Stewardship Appeal...
Stewardship Questions and Answers...
3f. Congratulations
Congratulating a Recipient of the Ellis Island Award
Letter to an Honoree Who Could Not Attend an Awards Ceremony
Congratulating a Former Alumnus on High School Admission
3g. Recommendations
General Recommendation Letter...
Reference Letter for a Lifelong Parishioner...
Letter Commending a Police Officer on Outstanding Service...
3h. Donations
Pitch Letter to Possible Donor...
Thanking a Grand Benefactor...
Thanking a Donor...
3i. Thank-You Letters
Accepting an Invitation to an Event
Thanking a Sponsor of the Church Calendar
Thanking a Volunteer...
3j. Birthdays
General Birthday Wishes


Nameday Wishes...
3l. Christmas/New Year's Wishes
3m. Get Well Soon
3n. National Celebrations
3o. Committees
3p. Pilgrimages/Recreational Trips
3q. Miscellaneous Letters
Letter Clarifying a Billing Statement
Request to a Bookstore
Thanking an Employee of the Archdiocese...
Chapter IV: Sacramental Life
4a. Births
4b. Baptisms
4c. Engagements and Weddings
Congratulating a Couple on Getting Engaged
Thank-You Letter for Wedding Invitation
Marriage Transcript Validated by the Local Hierarch
4d. Divorces

Request for an Ecclesiastical Divorce
4e. Funerals
Condolences on Death of a Mother...
4f. Ordinations
Requesting the Local Hierarch to Call an Aspiring Clergyman to Ordination
Congratulating a Newly Elected Bishop
Announcing an Upcoming Ordination
4g. Church Services
Invitation to Church Feast Day
Sample Feast Day Donation Form
Letter for House Blessings on Ephiphany
4h. Confession
4i. Prayers
Chapter V: Philanthropy and Social Ministry
5a. Philoptochos
Thank-You Letter for Donation to New Chapel
Invitation to a Philoptochos Event
Sample Report by Philoptochos Secretary
5b. Ministry for the Disabled
5c. The Imprisoned
Letter to a Judge Seeking Mercy for Defendants
To a Prisoner on Love
To a Prisoner on the Christmas Feast
5d. Homeless
Chapter VI: Speeches and Pastoral Reports

6a. Community Reports

Community Reports....
Pastoral Reflections in Support of the Community's Future....
6b. Homilies & Speeches
Nameday Speech
Graduation Speech
Memorial Day Speech
6c. Sermons
Sermon on the Triodion
Sermon on St. Demetrios
Sermon on Christmas
6d. Messages
A Message to the Parish School's Graduating Class
Journal Message
Introduction for Church Museum Publication
341 Pages
Holy Cross Orthodox Press
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