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A Fragrant and Sacred Remembrance: The Memorial Conference Papers for Bishop Gerasimos and the Testimonials to His Life and Spiritual Legacy

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Throughout his long and blessed life, Bishop Gerasimos never drew attention to himself; he directed all who came to him for guidance to the very source of life and love, to the source of grace and truth - to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and to his one and holy Church. His beautiful life of love and peace was a truly sacrificial and a most fragrant offering of faithful service to the Church in America. Even after the twenty-seven years following his blessed repose in the Lord, his precious spiritual legacy has not waned; it remains fresh and abides as a fragrant and a sacred remembrance in the consciousness of the faithful, as evidenced by the Conference Papers and the Testimonials contained in this volume.

It is our prayer and hope that this volume, together with the others like it, and especially the books written by the Elder of America himself, will serve to reinvigorate the general consciousness of the older generations who knew Bishop Gerasimos as a truly humble and saintly man of God. We also hope that it will inspire and motivate the younger generations of Orthodox Christians in America today to seek out his books and to read them prayerfully, as a way of being imbued by his spirit of love for the Sacred Scripture, for Jesus Christ the Savior and for his Church.