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The Ecumenism of Beauty

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A landmark book on the role of visual arts, beauty and aesthetics in ecumenical exchange.
 In a visual age, this book shares the belief that beauty and art can bridge differences. Essays from catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Protestant artists, scholars, clergy and theologians explore beauty as a means to unify the body of Christ. The occasion of the Reformation commemoration year offers a time to reflect on the rich artistic heritage shared by all Christians and an opportunity to learn from other traditions.

The Ecumenism of Beauty is a call to the church to again embrace the arts in service to its liturgy and mission." —Sandra Bowden, Collector, Curator and Past President of Christians in the Visual Arts

Essays include 
Calvin and the Visual Arts: The Aesthetics of Soli Deo GloriaThe Artist as Contemplative, and Art and the Liturgy.

Contributors to this book include:
Timothy Verdon, Editor — Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Director (Florence, Italy)
William Dyrness — Fuller Theological Seminary, Professor of Theology
Jérôme Cottin — University of Strasbourg, Professor of Practical Theology
Susan S. Kanaga —Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre for Art & Spirituality, Artist
Philippo Rossi  Florentine Study Centre of Stanford University, Visiting Professor
Martin Shannon — The Community of Jesus, Liturgist and Director of Formation 

The work of contributors Susan S. Kanaga and Filippo Rossi is currently on display at the Grande Museo del Duomo in Florence, Italy. 
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