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Introduction to St. Gregory Palamas

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Introduction to St. Gregory Palamas by Father George Papademetriou is a comprehensive and enlightening guide to the life, teachings, and legacy of the prominent Christian theologian and mystic, St. Gregory Palamas. Through meticulous research and profound understanding, Father Papademetriou explores the theological contributions and spiritual significance of St. Gregory Palamas within the context of Orthodox Christianity. This book serves as an essential resource for anyone seeking to delve into the profound teachings of this revered figure and grasp the depth of his impact on Eastern Christian thought.

"This study on the great theological personality, the great Doctor of the Church, Saint Gregory Palamas, is an accurate presentation of his teachings and works. This book is especially fitting to promote the theology and writings of this great saint to the English-speaking world."

 - Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople

"Father George Papademetriou offers in his illuminating study a splendid theological exposition written in lucid language on some very difficult material dealing with Hesychasm and mystical theology. Father Papademetriou's book offers the serious student the opportunity to familiarize himself with the life and works of the saint. The reader is succinctly introduced to the theology of St. Gregory Palamas with clarity and reasonableness." 

- Prof. John Rexine



p. ix

Patriarchal Blessing

p. xi


p. xiii


p. 1

Saint Gregory Palamas

p. 3

Life and Works of Saint Gregory Palamas

p. 3

The Place of Saint Gregory in Orthodox Theology

p. 18

Contemporary Debate on Palamite Theology

p. 23

Recent Western Attacks on Palamas

p. 30


p. 31

The Hesychastic Controversy

p. 31

The Legacy of Hesychastic Spirituality

p. 37

The Essence of God and the Energies of God

p. 51

The Wisdom of God and the Reason of Man

p. 51

Saint Gregory’s Theology

p. 57

Human and Divine Knowledge

p. 61

Double Knowledge

p. 62


p. 66

The Apophatic Way

p. 72

The Vision of God

p. 74

The Divine Energies

p. 77

The Nature of the Divine Light

p. 78

The Communication of the Divine Light

p. 81

Trinitarian Theology

p. 83

The Holy Trinity

p. 83


p. 84


p. 85

Holy Spirit

p. 86


p. 88

The Holy Spirit as Mutual “Love” 

p. 91

Saint Gregory’s Christology

p. 95

The Person and Work of Christ

p. 95


p. 95


p. 99

Sin and Grace

p. 103

Creation and Fall

p. 103

Divine Grace

p. 108

The Doctrine of Man

p. 111


p. 121


p. 125


p. 153


p. 169

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George C. Papademetriou

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