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The Faith of the Early Fathers, Vol. 3

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Volume 3
A source-book of theological and historical passages from the writings of St. Augustine to the end of the patristic age. Volume 3 ends with St. John of Damascene (d. 749).

Volume 1: the Pre-Nicene and Nicene eras
Volume 2: the Post-Nicene era through St. Jerome;
Volume 3: St. Augustine to the end of the patristic period. 

The passages selected are keyed to the numerical order established in M. J. Rouët de Journel's 
Enchiridion Patristicum. In no sense, however, are these volumes a translation of that standard work. The author has made his own investigation of theological textbooks in common use and has selected the patristic passages most frequently cited, including much that is in Rouët and much that is not. All passages have been freshly and accurately translated from the best critical editions. 

Preceding each selection is a brief introduction treating the authorship, date and place of composition, and the purpose of the work from which the selection is taken. The author's scholarship and sprightly sense of humor are evident in these prefatory remarks. 

Of immense value to the reader is the Doctrinal Index provided for each volume. Here one can find the texts pertinent to particular doctrinal points, a method especially useful to homilists. In addition, each volume is enhanced by comprehensive Scriptural and General Indices.
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