Sacred Commerce: A Conversation on Environment, Ethics, and Innovation

John Chryssavgis and Michele L. Goldsmith

$ 18.95


In June of 2012, a group of distinguished religious leaders, environmentalists, andåÊbusinessmen met to share together their respective understandings and assessmentsåÊconcerning the present and future conditions of our planet. During what isåÊnow called the Halki Summit, Jane Goodall, well-known anthropologist, discussesåÊbiodiversity, while Costa Carras, a leading environmentalist in Greece, responds toåÊseveral presentations. Bill McKibben, founder of, offers sobering statisticsåÊand a call for restraint, and James Hansen, professor of environmental science atåÊColumbia University, addresses the present and future effects of climate change.åÊGary Hirshberg, former president of Stonyfield Farm, relates by example how aåÊbusiness can be successful and environmentally responsible, while Amory Lovins,åÊcofounder and chief scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute, reveals how the sameåÊmay be done with the energy demand that fuels our businesses. Richard Chartres,åÊbishop of London for the Church of England, discusses how we must exchange ouråÊeconomic calling, grow first and clean up later, for a new religious calling, one humanåÊrace and one whole world. Lastly, Metropolitan John (Zizioulas) of PergamonåÊseeks to answer the question: ‰ÛÏFrom here to where?‰۝åÊSacred Commerce makes available their presentations, in which the creativity ofåÊbusiness, the evidence of science, and the understanding of religion unite for theåÊwelfare of not only industrialized countries, but also for all human communitiesåÊand living things now present and in our future.

Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis is a clergyman of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese ofåÊAmerica who serves in the Ecumenical Office as Archdeacon of the EcumenicalåÊThrone and environmental advisor to the Ecumenical Patriarch. He has authoredåÊnumerous books and articles on medieval history, theology and spirituality, as wellåÊas religion and ecology.

Dr. Michele L. Goldsmith is Associate Professor of Science at Southern NewåÊHampshire University. She received a MA/PhD in biological anthropology andåÊconducts studies examining the behavioral and ethical implications of mountainåÊgorilla tourism in Uganda. She has coauthored Gorilla Biology: A MultidisciplinaryåÊPerspective. Michele is concerned with conservation and the ethical treatment of allåÊanimals.

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