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Preaching the Word of God

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"Although directed primarily to those who preach or wish to preach the Word of God, the present volume offers much more in terms of spiritual nourishment to all Christians. It is, in fact, a book that can be read with great profit by everyone interested in a living faith."

- From the preface by Rev. N. Michael Vaporis



p. 9

1. The Priority of Preaching

p. 11

Preaching as a Sacrament

p. 16

What is Preaching?

p. 18

The One Who Preaches

p. 25

A Great Occupational Hazard

p. 29

2. The Content of Our Preaching

p. 34

Types of Preaching

p. 38

Teaching Sermons

p. 41

Improve the Feed

p. 42

The Need for Repetition

p. 43

‘Come’ and ‘Go’

p. 43

‘You Must’ Preaching

p. 45

Be Positive

p. 47

Preach the Cure

p. 50

Preach Both to Comfort and to Afflict

p. 51

Preach the Good News

p. 55

3. Preparing the Sermon

p. 60

Finding the Time

p. 66

Time for Prayer

p. 67

Know Those to Whom You Preach

p. 75

The Preacher’s Mistake

p. 79

Know God’s Word

p. 84

Prepare by Reading

p. 87

What the Church Fathers Did

p. 91

What to Read

p. 92

Hold on to What You Read

p. 95

Writing the Sermon

p. 97

4. Crafting the Sermon

p. 100

The All-Important Question: How?

p. 104

One Central Point

p. 107

The Use of Illustrations

p. 111

A Holy Imagination

p. 115


p. 116

Sermon Questionnaire

p. 120

Humor in the Pulpit

p. 125

Seek a Response

p. 128

The Introduction

p. 130

Attention Grabbers

p. 133

The Conclusion

p. 135

Simplify and Clarify

p. 138


p. 145

The Importance of Definitions

p. 149

Define Your Terms

p. 149

Whatever Happened to Sin?

p. 150

The Word ‘God’

p. 152

The Word ‘Happiness’

p. 153

The Word ‘Jesus’

p. 154


p. 155

The Word ‘Sex’

p. 156

A Symbol of Total Giving

p. 156

The Word ‘Church’

p. 157


p. 159

5. Delivering the Sermon

p. 160

The Actual Delivery

p. 161

Preach with Love

p. 167

Preach with Enthusiasm

p. 170

The King is in the Audience

p. 173

Be Not Discouraged

p. 174

Sermons That Started Something

p. 175

The Preacher’s Health

p. 176


p. 177

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