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Old Testament Homilies: Volume 3

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In Volume 3 of St. John Chrysostom's Old Testament homilies, Robert Charles Hill includes translations of Chrysostom's teachings on the Psalms and on the obscurity of the Old Testament. In his homilies on the Obscurity of the Old Testament, Chrysostom helps navigate his flock through the often difficult task of reading, interpreting, and comprehending the books of the Old Testament. Volume Three also includes four Homilies on the Psalms, with special attention given to Psalms 42, 49, and 146.



p. 1

Homilies on the Obscurity of the Old Testament

Homily One

p. 8

Homily Two

p. 25

Homilies on the Psalms

Homily on Psalm 42

p. 68

First Homily on Psalm 49.16

p. 85

Second Homily on Psalm 49.16

p. 105

Homily on Psalm 146.1

p. 113

Select Bibliography

p. 127


p. 129

General Index

p. 147

Index of Biblical Citations

p. 150

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Robert Charles Hill

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