The Sign of the Cross: The Gesture, the Mystery, the History

Andreas Andreopoulos

$ 16.99


Millions of Christians around the world use the sign of the cross-and have done so for centuries-as a gesture of blessing. It is practiced when alone, during worship, before sleep, upon waking, before eating, before travel, and many other times throughout the day. But, what does it mean? Where did it originate? What did the sign of the cross mean to the first Christians, and how has this simple movement of the hand evolved over the centuries?

"This appealing book provides us with many insights into the limitless, profound meaning of the sign of the cross. It is my hope that it will acquaint many readers with a Christian custom that has roots deeper in the common history of our faith than anyone knows."

- Frederica Mathewes-Green, from the foreword

"Andreas Andreopoulos has written an unusual and immensely attractive book. Taking the use of the sign of the cross, he explores its history and introduces us to its symbolism, showing how a simple sign draws us into a world of prayer and meaning. This is a book that engages the reader on many levels."

- Fr. Andrew Louth, Orthodox priest and author ofåÊThe Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition


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