The Heavenly Banquet: Understanding the Divine Liturgy

Emmanuel Hatzidakis

$ 40.00


The Heavenly Banquet is the most comprehensive Divine Liturgy commentary available in the English language. With over 300 bibliographical sources, an abundance of biblical citations, and quotations from Church Fathers and modern authors, The Heavenly Banquet is a treasure.

Written for all inquiring worshippers, "The Heavenly Banquet" will edify anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Divine Liturgy. In depth, yet easy to follow, written in simple, understandable language, readers at any level can benefit from this work.

"Father Emmanuel's work should be admired for its breadth and depth, as well as the assistance it will bring to all those who seek to enhance their participation in the Holy Eucharist. We thank him with our paternal blessings on this endeavor, with our prayers for its good use among the faithful.

+ Metropolitan IAKOVOS of Chicago Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

"This is a book, which will not be placed on a bookshelf to collect dust; it will be an electrifying charge to those who pick it up ... A worthy contribution to Orthodox America in this 21st century, written for our time, for our needs, and for the good pasturing of the flock ... The Heavenly Banquet will forever banish that unfortunate utterance that, 'I get nothing out of the Liturgy!'"

+ NATHANIEL, Archbishop of Detroit (OCA), from his Foreword to The Heavenly Banquet


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