The Eucharistic Communion and the World

John Zizioulas

$ 34.95


"The new book by Metropolitan John Zizioulas offers a passionate and extremely accessible study on the meaning of Holy Communion: its biblical foundations and its role in manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven. Few works have been able to underline so emphatically the importance of the Eucharist in understanding the Church, and of its mysterious nature and its dynamic relationship with the world. In its development of the cosmic dimension of the Eucharist, this book seems to be very current. It shows that the Eucharist implies a veritableåÊethosåÊin how we relate to the environment, man being not a master, but on the contrary a "priest", called to offer reverently to God all of creation. In the context of the major ecological crisis bearing down upon the world today, this book makes a decisive contribution to Christians and beyond." - M. Michel Stavrou, Institut de Theologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge, France

"Metropolitan John Ziziouloas is unequivocally the most ecumenically influential Orthodox theologian since the revival of the Orthodox intellectual tradition in nineteenth-century Russia. This collection of Zizioulas's most important (and not easily accessible) essays on the Eucharist is absolutely necessary for a ruler understanding of the eucharistic logic of Zizioulas's "system". Luke Ben Tallon is to be commended for providing a resource that demonstrates how Zizioulas's trinitarian theology, relational ontology and theology of personhood are ultimately grounded in a eucharistic experience and vision of the world; thus, dispelling misinterpretations of Zizioulas as promoting either social trinitarianism, an episcopo-centric ecclesiology, a denigration of nature, or an ethic that lacks practical import. This book amplifies how being as communion is a eucharistic mode of existence in the world." - Aristotle Papanikolau, Fordham University, USA


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