The Early Church on Killing A Comprehensive Sourcebook on War, Abortion, and Capital Punishment

Ronald J. Sider

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"An exceedingly careful, measured study of the literary evidence left by the early church on the morality of killing. It should prove to be authoritative in this field."--David P. Gushee, Center for Theology and Public Life, Mercer University

Noted theologian Ron Sider lets the testimony of the early church speak in the first of a three-volume series on biblical peacemaking. This volume offers a thorough, comprehensive treatment on topics of perennial concern--war, abortion, and capital punishment--providing English translations for all extant data directly relevant to the treatment of these issues by the early church until Constantine. Primarily, it draws data from early church writings, but other evidence, such as archaeological finds and Roman writings, is included. The book contains brief introductions to every Christian writer cited and explanatory notes on many specific texts.åÊThe Early Church on KillingåÊwill be a helpful text in courses on ethics, theology, and church history.åÊ

Part 1: Christian Writers before Constantine
2.åÊThe Epistle of Barnabas
3.åÊFirst Clement
4.åÊSecond Clement
5.åÊApocalypse of Peter
6. Justin Martyr
7. Tatian
8. Irenaeus
9. Athenagoras
10. Clement of Alexandria
11. Tertullian
12. Minucius Felix
13.åÊDidascalia apostolorum
14. Julius Africanus
15. Origen
16. St. Cyprian
17. Gregory Thaumaturgus
18. Dionysius of Alexandria
19. Archelaus
20. Adamantius,åÊDialogue on the True Faith
21. Arnobius of Sicca
22. Lactantius
Part 2: Church Orders and Synods
23.åÊApostolic Tradition
24. Three Later Church Orders
25.åÊSynod of Arles
Part 3: Miscellaneous Items
26.åÊThe Infancy Gospel of Thomas
27. Paul of Samosata
28.åÊThe Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena
Part 4: Other Evidence of Christian Soldiers before Constantine
29. "The Thundering Legion"
30. A Third Century Christian Prayer Hall Near a Military Camp
31. Epitaphs
32. Military Martyrs
33. Eusebius'såÊEcclesiastical History
34. An Early Christian Kingdom?

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