The Divine Liturgy

Photios Ketsetzis

$ 30.00


A liturgical hymnal compiled by Archon Protopsaltis Photios Ketsetzis for the Holy Cross School of Theology chant program, this volume contains the basic hymnography chanted in the Divine Liturgy. It includes the Trisagion Hymn (and the hymns which take its place during certain festal periods) in several variants and modes, the Cherubikon in all eight modes, and settings of the liturgy in all eight modes, as well as the standard 2nd mode versions of the beginning and end of the liturgy (antiphons, "Let our mouths be filled", etc...) and the hymns chanted at a hierarchical liturgy (specifically for Archbishop Demetrios and Metropolitan Methodios). Music is all in Greek and written in Byzantine notation.


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