The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine, Vol. 4: Reformation of Church and Dogma

Jaroslav Pelikan

$ 22.00


This penultimate volume in Pelikan's acclaimed history of Christian doctrine‰ÛÓwinner with Volume 3 of the Medieval Academy's prestigious Haskins Medal‰ÛÓencompasses the Reformation and the developments that led to it.

"Only in America, and in this case from a Lutheran scholar, could we expect an examination so lacking in parti pris, a survey so perceptive, so free‰ÛÓand, one must say, the result of so much immense labor, so rewardingly presented." å?ÛÓJohn M. Todd, New York Times Book Review

"Never wasting a word or losing a plot line, Pelikan builds on an array of sources that few in our era have the linguistic skill, genius or ambition to master." å?ÛÓMartin E. Marty, America

"The use of both primary materials and secondary sources is impressive, and yet it is not too formidable for the intelligent layman." å?ÛÓWilliam S. Barker, Eternity

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