Synopsis of the Four Gospels

Revised Standard Version

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This is the English portion of the Greek-English Synopsis- Quattuor Evangeliorum. Revised Standard Version. UBS, New York. Revised Printing 1985. It is an authoritative and best-selling resource among Biblical scholars, seminarians and translators worldwide.

New in this edition:

  • New cover design featuring a full color image of the Four Evangelists from a 15th Century manuscript of the Gospels
  • Two-color textual setting
  • Ribbon marker
  • Notes Section: 16 lined pages for notes

This unique and easy-to-use resource features:

  • The Four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in parallel format on the same page
  • An in-depth explanation and interpretation of Biblical text that renders a greater understanding of Gospel passages
  • The full and complete Gospels with references and citations
  • An extensive system of cross references covering quotations and topical correspondence
  • An apparatus which allows a person to carefully study all the varied readings occurring in the Authorized Version, the English Revised Version, the American Revised Version/American Standard Version, and the Catholic version of the Revised Standard Version.

361 pages. Trim size 9 x 11


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