Orthodox Spirituality: A Brief Introduction

Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

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A spiritual person is one who participates in the energies of the Most Holy Spirit and has himself become a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Orthodox spirituality is not something abstract, emotional or intellectual. The bearer of Orthodox spiritualityåÊpar excellence is the Saint, who is revealed through his teachings and his relics. The non-spiritual individual, who is deprived of the Holy Spirit, lives on the psychological and carnal level.

This distinction points to the difference between Orthodox spirituality and other spiritualities. Orthodox spirituality differs markedly from the spiritualities of the East and the West. The difference in dogma indicates the difference in ethos as well. The essence of Orthodox spirituality lies in its therapeutic efforts. It cures a person's infirmities and renders him and integrated person.

Translated by Effie Mavromichali.


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