Orthodox Christianity Volume I: The History and Canonical Structure of the Orthodox Church

Hilarion Alfeyev

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This is the first volume of a detailed and systematic expositionåÊof the history, canonical structure, doctrine, moral andåÊsocial teaching, liturgical services, and spiritual life of theåÊOrthodox Church. The purpose of this series is to presentåÊOrthodox Christianity as an integrated theological and liturgicalåÊsystem, in which all elements are interconnected. Theology isåÊbased on liturgical experience, and church art including icons,åÊsinging, and architecture is shaped by theology and the liturgy.åÊTheology and the services, in their turn, influence the asceticåÊpractice and the personal piety of each Christian; they shape theåÊmoral and social teaching of the Church as well as its relationåÊto other Christian confessions, non-Christian religions, and the
secular world.åÊThis volume begins with an account of the historical arc ofåÊthe Orthodox Church during the first ten centuries afteråÊChrist s nativity, when the Christians of the east and west sharedåÊa common history. In examining the second millennium, theåÊauthor, a hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, delvesåÊdeeply into the life of Christianity in Russia, providing a caseåÊstudy, as it were, of how Orthodoxy can infuse the literature, art,åÊand philosophy of an entire culture. He then goes on to discussåÊthe canonical structure of the Orthodox Church, describing theåÊemergence and development of diocesan structures, metropolias,åÊand patriarchates, as well as the contemporary structure ofåÊworld Orthodoxy and the principle of canonical territory,åÊ
which forms the basis of inter-Orthodox relations.

Foreword by His Holiness Alexei II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

Basil Bush, translator.


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