The Orthodox Bible Study Companion Series: The Epistle to the Romans - A Gospel for All

Lawrence Farley

$ 15.95


The apostle Paul lived within a swil of contoversy. False Christians, Judaizers, dogged his every step, slandering his motives, denying his apostolic authority, and seeking to overthrow his Gospel teaching. They argued their case loudly, and Paul knew ht he must give the literary performance of is life. The result was the Epistle to the Romans, in which he demonstrates the truth of his Gospel, a Gospel for all men, and thereby vindicates his apostolic authority. Working from a literal translation of the original Greek, this commentary examines the text section by section, explaining its meaning in everyday language. Written from an Orthodox and patristic perspective, it maintians a balance between the devotional and the exegetical, feeding both the heart and the mind.


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