Man: the Target of God

Zacharias of Essex

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In the theology of St. Silouan the Athonite (1866‰ÛÒ1938) and Elder Sophrony of Essex (1896‰ÛÒ1993), man is the target of divine visitations that serve to make him aware of the image of Christ within him. God created man in His ‰ÛÏimage and likeness‰۝. Although this image has become distorted, the purpose of man‰۪s life in the Church is that it should be perfectly restored.

Elder Sophrony referred to the image of God in man as man‰۪s ‰ÛÏhypostasis‰۝ or ‰ÛÏpersonhood‰۝. He taught that this image cannot be realized without the witness of a saint or elder, who demonstrates likeness unto Christ and bears His word. For this reason, he often explained the principle of personhood by referring to the life and writings of St. Silouan.

In Man: the Target of God, Archimandrite Zacharias, disciple of Elder Sophrony, likewise presents the principle of personhood through the lives of his elders, St. Silouan and Elder Sophrony. He also examines attributes of personhood in terms of dogma and spiritual practice.

Paperback. 271 pages.åÊ

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