Let Us Sing to the Lord (ΑΣΩΜΕΝ Τῼ ΚΥΡΙῼ)- Ormylia

Ormylia Convent

$ 18.99


This recording is a collection of hymns of praise to the Lord drawn from various services, as chanted by the nuns of the Holy Monastery of Ormylia.

1. Talanton - Let us all keep vigil, Blessed is the man: Tone 5
2. What shall we bring to you: Tone 2
3. Glory - Blood and fire: Tone 8 
4. A strange wonder it was: Tone 7 
5. What shall we return to the Lord: Tone 7
6. Praise the Lord: Tone 2 
7. Glory--The Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking: Tone 1 
8. Hymn the Lord: Tone 1
9. Christ is risen (slow melody) 
10. Typika: Tone 1
11. Rich men fallen into poverty: Tone 4 (chromatic) 
12. Glory--Where the grace overshadows: Tone 5 
13. The universe--Alleluia: Tone Nenano 
14. My heart is ready: Tone 5 
15. Fatherly embraces: Tone 1 - Hymns from the ceremony of the monastic tonsure: Tone 4 
16. Today is the beginning of the salvation: Tone 4

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