Investing in the Kingdom of God

Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia

$ 15.00


"If only we could invest a moment in the Kingdom of God and realise that the returns are extremely high. So high that in the Kingdom there is no time, no fear, no inhibition, inferiority, insecurity, guilt -- none of those things which trouble us in this life. This is the blessing of God's freedom. It is this which we must bring to life within us here on earth, until each one of us will be able to change from being temporal to being eternal, from being only human to be spiritual."

By inspiring us to act, words can be paths that lead us towards the "other discourse", the ethos of the eighth day, the beauty that will save the world . . . Such are Metropolitan Nikolaos's words (his previous book in English, Mount Athos, the Highest Place on Earth, was greeted as a "spiritual gem . . . of eternal value"). Metropolitan Nikolaos's insights have substance and wisdom. He deals in an accessible manner with questions that weigh down our human souls. His pastoral counsel is considerate and discerning, focused on the moment, all-the-while with an eye on the path up The Mountain. They are words for our time.

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