Great Lent

Monks of Simonopetra Monastery

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A selection of hymns from Great Lent as chanted by the monks of the Holy Monastery of Simonopetra.

1. God is With us, Tone Plagal 2nd
2. The Bodiless Nature, Tone Plagal 2nd
3. Most Holy Lady, Tone Plagal 2nd
4. Kontakion of the Great Canon, Tone Plagal 2nd
5. Lord of Angelic Hosts, Tone Plagal 2nd
6. Most Holy Theotokos, Tone 2
7. Open Unto Me, Tone Plagal 4th
8. Hymns of the First Hour, Tone Plagal 2nd
9. Hymns of the Third Hour, Tone Plagal 2nd
10. Hymns of the Sixth Hour, Tone 2
11. Hymns of the Ninth Hour, Tone Plagal 4th
12. Great Prokeimena, Tone Plagal 4th
13. Idiomelon of Vespers-4th Sunday of Lent, Tone Grave
14. Apolytikia of Lenten Vespers, Tone Plagal 1st
15. Let My Prayer Be Set Forth, Tones Plagal 2nd and Plagal 1st
16. Now the Powers of Heaven, Tone Plagal 2nd
17. O Taste and See, Tone 1

Compact Disc: 17 Tracks
Publisher: I.M Simonopetra

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