The Great Book of Needs

St. Tikhon's Seminary

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A collection of the prayers of the priest in four volumes.

Volume oneåÊconcerns itself with the Mysteries of the Christian life: Baptism, Chrismation, Repentance (Confession), Eucharist in time of Emergency, Holy Matrimony, Holy Oil (Unction), Ordination, the Blessing of Waters, and Monastic Tonsure.

Volume two contains all needed services for consecrating a Church and the Altar, the holy vessels such as the Chalice, Paten and so forth, and also Vestments. Additionally there are prayers to be said at various times of the year for various occasions.

Volume three includesåÊprayers for various illnesses, near death, first pannikhida, the Funeral service and other related services for the departed.

Volume fouråÊcontains Moliebens for many and diverse occasions.


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