Genesis: Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching

Walter Brueggemann

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The aim of theåÊInterpretation (IBC)åÊCommentary is not to extend the knowledge displayed by other commentaries, but rather to bring the text of Genesis "closer to the faith and ministry of the church."åÊ

The risk of such an undertaking is easy to see, but the rewards are equally as great, and warrant any risk. Thus, one can expect a great deal of interpretation of the text, and at times it may be controversial. Nevertheless Brueggemann pushes forward with the interpretation of the text.åÊ

Here you will find a steady exposition of the text of Genesis that attempts to bring together historical-critical research, and theological understanding and application. Primary for Brueggemann is the concept of "calling" in the book of Genesis. This is Brueggemann's "center" in interpreting the book and it is distilled from the belief that "God calls the worlds into being" and "God calls us into the church".åÊ

This is all done for the purpose of considering the text of Genesis as addressed to the community of faith. The community does not seek to do what critical exegesis does, but the community does depend on critical exegesis in formulating a faithful theology, and response to the text. Thus, Brueggemann does not ignore scholarship, but seeks to appropriate it for a specific end, that of edifying the church.åÊ

Anyone who desires to enrich their understanding of faith at a very profound level, without scholarly jargon will find this series and especially Brueggeman's work here useful. Yet, Brueggemann does not leave the scholarly behind, he uses it to create an interpretation and understanding of this compelling, and often mistreated book.åÊGenesisåÊis ideal for pastors, educated laity, and undergraduate courses on the Pentateuch and/or Genesis.

Hard Cover: 384 Pages
Publisher: John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780804231015
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1.5 inches

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