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Christianity: Lineaments of a Sacred Tradition

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In this culmination of his life's work, the popular Orthodox lay theologian and translator of the Philokalia, draws from the depths of tradition the "face" of Christianity as a world religion. Readers will find a fresh synthesis of issues familiar in earlier works: cosmology, the modern scientific paradigm, the role of sacred symbols, the thoughts of Nietzsche, Jung, and issues of death and dying. Foreword by Kallistos Ware.



p. ix

Chapter One - The Meaning and Necessity of Sacred Tradition

p. 1

Chapter Two - Christianity and Christendom

p. 27

Chapter Three - Christianity and Other Sacred Traditions

p. 53

Chapter Four - Christianity and the Metaphysics of Logic

p. 76

Chapter Five - Christianity and the Challenge of Georgios Gemistos Plethon and Friedrich Nietzsche

p. 114

Chapter Six - Christianity and the Religious Thought of C.G. Jung

p. 134

Chapter Seven - The Presence of Evil: Christian and Neoplatonic Views

p. 158

Chapter Eight - On Death and Dying: A Christian Approach

p. 180

Chapter Nine - Christianity and the Desecration of the Cosmos

p. 200

Chapter Ten - The Meaning of Creation ex nihilo

p. 232

Chapter Eleven - The Renewal of the Tradition of Contemplative Spirituality

p. 245


p. 269

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