Christian Morality

St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite

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‰ÛÏSt. Nicodemos‰۪ magnificent and lofty essay on Christian morality is his magnum opus and a summa, in many ways, of the Scriptural and Patristic traditions of the Eastern Orthodox Church applied to Christian life and comportment. In the contrast between Orthodoxy and orthopraxy, it is a guide, as it were, to how a Christian should order his or her life so as to make doctrine and practice harmonious. This is one of the more important of the Saint‰۪s works and perhaps his best. In it, we find his own teachings on behavior as they were directly informed by the writings of the Church Fathers and conceived through the prism of Hesychasm and its spiritual goals and ends. Indeed, one could equate the conceptual concerns and precepts of the Kollyvades movement with those of this work, capturing, as it does, St. Nicodemos‰۪ paramount regard for the unity of symbol and action in the oneness of rightness or orthodoxy of belief with propriety in behavior.‰۝
‰Û?ÛÏINTRODUCTION: The Person and Writings of St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite and a Critical Assessment of His Essay on Christian Morality‰۝

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Publisher: Institute for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies
ISBN: 9781884729973
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