Choral Settings of Kassiani

Hatzis, Theodorakis, Moody, Mantzaros

$ 15.00


LIMITED EDITION! Choral Settings of Kassiani (English Chamber Choir, Cappella Romana, Protheroe). Kassia the Nun is Byzantium's most famous woman composer. This limited edition recording features both music by Kassia herself (as represented by the earliest manuscript sources) and modern-era choral settings by Ivan MOODY, Christos HATZIS, Mikis THEODOARAKIS, and Nikolaos MANTZAROS. The main work on the disc, the Troparion of Kassiani by Hatzis, features the Bombay-born English soprano Patricia Rozario as soloist. Audiences will recall Ms. Rozario's appearance performing this work in its North American premiere in 2005 with Cappella Romana.

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