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Of Prophets and Poets: Antioch Fathers on the Bible

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Antioch could be said to have adopted an approach to the Bible that was both distinctive and controversial. This book demonstrates the former characteristic, and in the process justifies the differences from other approaches in the early Church. It offers the reader some guidance on the biblical works of the great commentators of Antioch in their golden age onåÊprophets and poetsåÊof the Old Testament in particular. While most are available as translations, ample excerpts are taken from them here to illustrate points made about the commentators' application of Antioch's distinctive exegetical and hermeneutical approach.

"This bok is aåÊsummaåÊof Robert Charles Hill's prodigious translation activity over the past twenty-five years which has made little-known or neglected exegetical works on the Old Testament by patristic commentators from Antioch available in English. It will be gratefully used by students and scholars alike." - Pauline Allen, President of International Association of Patristic Scholars