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Did you know...

  • That the Parthenon in Athens was a Christian church longer than it was a pagan temple?
  • That Greece, one-third the size of California, has more than 1,000 active monasteries?
  • That the monastic enclave of Mt. Athos is the oldest self-governing republic in the world?

Evlogeite! A Pilgrim's Guide to Greece takes you on a fascinating journey through two thousand years of Greek-Christian history, often unknown in the West. From majestic cathedrals to sun-washed hilltop monasteries and village shrines, this is the first comprehensive guide to the holy places where the Greeks themselves go.

Indispensible to Orthodox Christians, travelers, adventurers, and armchair historians, Evlogeite! includes historical and cultural notes on each site, along with detailed lives of the saints associated with them. Accompanying the text are hundreds of photos of Orthodox churches, monasteries, icons, and contemporary Christian life, as well as troparia (short prayers), listings of church and monastery feast-days, detailed maps and directions for getting there, a Greek-English pilgrim's phrase list and more!

The author, an Orthodox Christian nun, spent over a decade reseaching and writing this 960 page guide for English speaking pilgrims to Christian Greece.

Evlogeite! The centuries-old greeting of Greek pilgrims asking a blessing at their journey's end...

Why not join them?

Paperback: 927 Pages
Publisher: St. Nicholas Press
ISBN: 9780971636514
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x 2 inches

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