Towards Authentic Christian Spirituality

Emilianos Timiadis

$ 12.95


Metropolitan Emilianos of Sylivria is well known for is theological insight and spiritual wisdom that reaches deep into the Orthodox Tradition and builds bridges to other Christian Traditions. In this work, he reflects upon basic themes of spirituality: Diakrisis, Incarnation, Koinonia, Askesis, Praxis, and Martyria in order to call all christians towards a life giving spirituality that heals the brokeness of the world. His sources of reflection are the church fathers and the life of the church coupled with his extensive experience as a priest and hierarch, theologian, ecumenist, and spiritual father. At times his reflections are quite short in the spirit of the Desert Fathers at other times lengthy. In them all, the reader will be instructed in the reality of Christian living, challenged by his straight forward approach and clarity, and inspired to make a commitment towards authentic Christian spirituality in one's personal life.


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