The Life & Letters of Theoleptos of Philadelphia

Holy Cross Orthodox Press

$ 9.95


"The desirability of presenting in one volume the surviving five letters of Theoleptos, accompanied by an English translation and a brief biography of the metropoitan, was recently brought to my attention...

The present monograph aims at fulfilling this desideratum. It includes, in addition to the two letters which appear here for the first time, the remaining three letters which had been previously edited, one by the late Father Severien Salaville and two by myself."

-from the forewordåÊ

In this volume lies a rare opportunity: to discover the writings and teachings of Theoleptos of Philadelphia, one of the spiritual fathers of St. Gregory Palamas and a forerunner of hesychasm.åÊ

In Greek and English. Translated by Angela Hero.åÊ

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