Saint of the Day: St. Tychon of Cyprus

One evening Tychon could bear no more, and in a burst of pity, gave away every loaf of bread that had been baked during the day, after which he prayed for forgiveness for having taken undue advantage of his father...
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Saint of the Day: St. Methodios, Patriarch of Constantinople

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Saint of the Day: St. Aquilina

Saint Aquilina

When the Prophet Isaiah said, “And a little child shall lead them,” he could not have prophesied that in the third century his words would have a literal meaning when a
wisp of a girl came upon the Christian scene with such an impact that she became the youngest person to become a saint.
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Saint of the Day: St. Kalliope

Saint Kalliope

The unsung heroines of early Christianity, who suffered agonizing death rather than disavow Jesus Christ, were anything but members of a weaker sex when they endured the atrocities and pain inflicted by persecutors of Christians with the same quiet courage of the bravest of men.
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Saint of the Day: St. Potamiani of Alexandria

Saint Potamiani of Alexandria

The name of this saint was Potamiani who has come down to us as another of the Christian heroines who have attained the spiritual level of their better-known male counterparts.
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Saint of the Day: St. Hilarion the New

Saint Hilarion of Cappadocia

Iconoclasm, the doctrine calling for the removal of sacred icons, stretched from a portion of the eighth century well into the ninth in a religious imbroglio that ebbed and flowed in varying intensity from emperor to emperor, and involving clergy and laity alike until it was finally put to rest.
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Saint of the Day: Sts. Lucillianus, Claudius, and their companions

Once he had found the truth of Jesus Christ, Lucillianus rejoiced with the gratitude of a man who had stepped out of the shadows into bright daylight...
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Saint of the Day: St. Nikephoros, Patriarch of Constantinople

Nikephoros refused to submit to the emperor, claiming prior authority over matters of church dogma...
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Saint of the Day: St. Justin the Philosopher

A chance encounter, like that of St. Paul and the Savior on the road to Damascus, changed the life of Justin, and the mysteries that had baffled his deep philosophy were cleared up in a few moments by the simplicity of a holy man.
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Saint of the Day: St. Hermias the Martyr

Saint Hermias the Martyr

Although he was to follow by more than a century the apostles who served Christ, St. Hermias conducted a personal mission of the Savior that paralleled the original Christian missionaries with an exactness that suggests he was born a hundred years too late.
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