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Saint of the Day: Sts. Aniketos and Photios

As they stood in the sand of the arena praying for strength, a hungry lion was loosed in the arena. He made a charge at the praying figures, but stopped short as if held back by some unseen barrier.
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Saint of the Day: St. Laurentios

Prior to his death, this saint named Laurentios had given evidence of his scorn for the enemies of the Savior by yet another expression of his figurative humor, offensive to Rome but not to heaven.

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Saint of the Day: St. Alexios

The rare title, “Man of God,” was bestowed on St. Alexios for the manner in which he gave himself over to Jesus Christ, forsaking a bride even at the altar...
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Saint of the Day: St. Clement of Rome

(Welcome to our Saint of the Day series! Each weekday, we present you with an excerpt from Fr. George Poulos' Orthodox Saints series, published by Holy Cross Orthodox Press.Today's saint, Clement, comes from Volume 4 of the series.) 
Saint Clement of Rome
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Saint of the Day: Sts. Faith, Hope, and Charity, and Their Mother Sophia

The agonized Sophia was torn between the love for her children and the love for Jesus Christ. She turned to the court to plead that her children be released, and they could inflict their tortures upon her...
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