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Saint of the Day: St. Maruthas

Physician, diplomat, scholar and, above all, theologian, St. Maruthas was a man for all seasons and a man for all reasons, the most noble being his dedication to the service of Jesus Christ, expressing the will of God and man in various ways.

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Saint of the Day: St. Haralambos

Saint Haralambos

The invincibility of Christianity is epitomized by the superhuman endurance of the priest Charalambos, who suffered inhuman tortures and martyrdom at the hands of pagan tormentors. No single martyr was recorded to have endured as much physical punishment as Charalambos.
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Saint of the Day: St. Nikephoros the Martyr

“As in the nature of things, those which most admirably flourish, most swiftly fester, those that are most blooming are soonest turned into the opposite.” These words are taken from a naturalist of antiquity, Pliny the Elder, a Roman who was thirteen years old when Christ died. His observations can be applied to a pair of third-century men whose friendship did indeed admirably flourish, only to fester into a bitterness of feeling that makes for a story reminiscent of an ancient Greek drama..."
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Saint of the Day: St. George of Neapolis

When Father George learned that his fellow priest had been forced to flee the village of Malakope, he announced to his own parish that after services he would go to the church at Malakope to conduct services and administer holy Communion. He felt it his sacred duty to make this comparatively short trip, but it proved to be his last earthly journey.
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