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Saint of the Day: The Prophet Jeremiah

Jeremiah foresaw the need for preparedness against the enemies of God and issued a clear warning that, should the people continue their sinful ways, they would seal their own fate.
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Staff Picks: Fr. Eugen Pentiuc's "The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox Tradition"

Hooray for Staff Picks! This week's Staff Pick, Fr. Eugen Pentiuc's The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox Tradition, comes to you from Bryce, who runs the receiving end of things here at the bookstore. Bryce is a second-year student in Holy Cross's MDiv program who studied ethics and philosophy before coming to seminary. 

How did you first hear about this book? 
This book was authored by the Old Testament professor here at HCHC and was published during Christmas break my first year.
Why does this book matter to you?
Besides being authored by a beloved professor, this book is a fascinating, informative, and extremely well-researched investigation of the role of the Old Testament in our tradition.
What about this book did you find surprising?
Fr. Eugen is brilliant and can easily go soaring off above our heads if he wants to, but this book is pleasantly down-to-earth without being patronizing.
Who should read this book?
Anyone interested in the Old Testament, and especially the historical continuity of the Eastern Orthodox tradition with all of scripture.

Thanks, Bryce! You can find The Old Testament in Eastern Orthodox Tradition and so much more right here at Holy Cross Bookstore.
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