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Saint of the Day: The Nativity of John the Baptist

The parents were of humble stock from the mountain regions of the province of Judah who construed the birth of their John by divine intervention as a clear link between the son of a Hebrew priest and the Son of God...
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Saint of the Day: St. Joseph

There is no disputing that the presence of a husband was part of the divine plan for the universe, and the fact that Joseph was selected by God is enough to place him among the immortals whom we choose to call saints.
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Staff Picks: Fr. Thomas Hopko's "The Winter Pascha"

It's that time again! This week's staff pick comes from Nick, a fourth-year seminarian here at Holy Cross. Nick helps cover the desk for us here at the bookstore. Chances are, if you give us a call around lunchtime, you'll hear Nick's friendly voice on the line.
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