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Saint of the Day: St. Gregory the Theologian

Of the twenty centuries since the birth of Christ, no single century has had crowded into it so many great events as the fourth century, which witnessed a fragmented Christendom of God. Were it not for the efforts of such men, Christianity would not have become the spiritual haven of mankind it is today.

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Saint of the Day: St. Gregory the Wonderworker

"The odds against anyone born a Christian in the early third century, particularly in the city of Neocaesaria, were staggering, but there was born in that city in 203 a man who reversed those odds in Christianity’s favor and who, as events bore out, made the number seventeen a magic number. It was by coincidence that the number seventeen marked milestones in an illustrious career, but divine design that diverted a pagan from a course that would have led to oblivion to a course which led to sainthood and glory..."
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Saint of the Day: St. Gregory the Illuminator

Although the title “Illuminator” distinguished the Gregory who is presently our subject, he was not so called just for the sake of avoiding confusion in names. He was called the “Illuminator” because he was a beacon of Christianity that brought the light of Jesus Christ to an entire nation.
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