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Staff Picks: Dorotheos of Gaza's "Discourses and Sayings"

It's time for our first Staff Pick of the Week! This week's pick, Discourses and Sayings by Dorotheos of Gaza, comes to you from Ephraim. Ephraim graduated from the Holy Cross MTS program in 2013 and is our buyer--meaning he's the one who decides what we carry in our store. (Yes, he is an unlimited fount of knowledge. Stop by sometime and see for yourself!) 

How did you first hear about this book?
This book was recommended to me by my parish priest. He said it contains the ABC's of the spiritual life. 
Why does this book matter to you?
Everything in the book has to do with love for God and love for our neighbor. He explains how we should deal with seemingly difficult or irritating people, how to stop judging others, and how we can accept the will of God in our lives.
What about this book did you find surprising?
The book is easy to read and humorous. On a first reading I thought everything the saint wrote about was obvious and that I should read something more difficult. On a second reading I realized I've barely been able to practice any of Dorotheos' counsels and that the work contained a depth that I had completely missed when reading it too quickly.
Who should read this book?
This book will help anyone striving to follow the commandments of Christ. 
Any favorite quotes?
"Do not ask for love from your neighbor, for if you ask and he does not respond you will be troubled. Instead, show your love for your neighbor and you will be at rest, and so you will bring your neighbor to love"
"He who hates irritating people, hates gentleness. He who runs away from distressing people, runs away to rest in Christ."

Thanks, Ephraim! You can check out Discourses and Sayings and many other titles right here at Holy Cross Bookstore
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