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This Week's Best-Sellers: An Old Favorite with Hints of Christmas

Happy Friday to you! It's time for us to share our top-selling titles with you. 

9. Treatise on Prayer
, St. Simeon of Thessalonike

A newcomer to our best-sellers list! 

8. Easy-to-Make Nativity Scene

Another newcomer to our best-seller list: this time, it's the first Christmas book of the year. 

7. Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Pew Edition, Holy Cross Orthodox Press

Down from #6 on last week's list, this service book almost always makes an appearance on our list.

6. Commentary on St. Paul, vol. 2, Theodoret of Cyprus

This series makes an appearance this week because it was a suggested text for a Holy Cross New Testament class. You should have seen the swarms of seminarians!

5. Commentary on St. Paul, vol. 1, Theodoret of Cyprus

...okay, maybe not swarms of seminarians. But there were a lot of 'em. 

4. Essays in Theology and Liturgy, vol. 4: Church, Clergy, Laity and the Spiritual Life, Alkiviadis Calivas

Fr. Calivas, Professor Emeritus at Holy Cross, presents a tightly-woven exposition of the life and purpose of the church. Notice the Holy Cross chapel on the cover? 

3. Economia and Eschatology, Stelyios Muksuris

This title, on the history of the prothesis rite, made quite the leap--up from #9 last week to #3 today! 

2. Service of Small Paraklesis, Holy Cross Orthodox Press

This Paraklesis book would make a wonderful gift for anyone--and, with its compact size, it would also make a great stocking stuffer.

1. Orthodox Canon Law BookVasile Mihai

Surprised? We weren't either. Fr. Mihai's handy guide to canon law would be at home on any Orthodox bookshelf.
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