Praying on Behalf of All Creation: A Reading List for September 1st

Happy ecclesiastical new year! In addition to the beginning of the church calendar, September 1st has been set aside by the Ecumenical Patriarch as a day of prayer for the preservation of all creation. We compiled some readings for prayerful reflection on this special day. 

The Experience of God, vol. 2: The World: Creation and Deification, Dumitru Staniloae

"The glory of Christ on Tabor was spread out over nature too. Yet, for the eyes and senses of the many it can remain hidden, while nature can be degraded and affected by the wickedness of the few."

Living in God's Creation: Orthodox Perspectives on Ecology, Elizabeth Theokritoff

"Every act of care and responsibility towards God's creation, human and non-human, is a practical assent to his plan of salvation. It signals our willingness to be co-workers with the Almighty in bringing his creation to the fulfillment for which it was made." 

Greening the Orthodox Parish: A Handbook for Christian Ecological Practice, Frederick W. Krueger

"The process of beginning a parish environmental ministry is simple. It begins with the priest, and from his example it spreads into the parish. The journey into a right relationship to God's creation is essentially an extension of the life of the Church into the life of the world."

Vespers for the Protection of the EnvironmentNarthex Press

"O Logos, protect the environment and the circle of the earth invulnerable from harmful influences, granting to all, reconciliation, salvation and great mercy." 

Sacred Commerce: A Conversation on Environment, Ethics, and Innovation, John Chryssavgis and Michele L. Goldsmith

"Each of us is called to draw a distinction between what we want and what we need, or--more importantly--what the world needs. Greed and gratification reduce the world to a survival of the fittest; whereas generosity and gratitude transform the world into a community of sharing."  —His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

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