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“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations . . .” (Mt 28:19)

When these challenging words of Christ to his disciples touched the soul of Andreas Tellyrides, he was only a young teenager in his native Cyprus. Today he is Metropolitan Makarios of Kenya, the eminent missionary hierarch of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa, with thirty-seven years of service, which these journals so vividly describe.

“We were no longer involved in earthly and corruptible matters. We were fashioning a new world, a new society, and a new Church that was coming into being out of nothing. We had to struggle with the darkness; the devil was in constant vigilance to block our efforts. He did not want this work to go on and to succeed, so he interjected countless objections and obstacles . . . Yet above the devil was God the Father, who knew exactly what we were seeking to do. The Holy Spirit showered his abundant blessings upon this undertaking. Thus to this day, every time we embark upon a new task, we are filled with intense inner serenity and euphoria. How great indeed you are, O Lord our God, and how marvelous are the works of your goodness!”

These words of the courageous and long-suffering Metropolitan Makarios, taken from the Prologue of this volume, capture the spirit and the joyful tone of his missionary work, which is truly causing “the light and the hope of Christ to dawn in Africa.”

This first volume contains fifty-six entries describing in detail the great variety of successful missionary work that has been going on for decades without ceasing. There are over three hundred Orthodox parishes in Kenya alone. Throughout these exciting and inspiring journals, His Eminence Metropolitan Makarios is, in effect, extending an invitation to all of us his readers: “Cross over to Africa and help us!”

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