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Looking for some encouraging reading in these last weeks of Lent? Look no further--we have a great new selection of books at $5 and $10. Here are some highlights:

Mission in Christ's Way, Anastasios of Albania

This collection from His Eminence Archbishop Anastasios of Albania reveals the scope and depth of his work, a lifetime spent furthering God's kingdom. From missions to ecumenism to the life of the Church, His Eminence paints a vivid picture of what it means to the the One True Church in this day and age. $10. 

Ministering to Intermarried Couples: A Resource for Clergy and Lay Workers, Charles Joanides

Today, the intermarriage issue affects the Greek Orthodox Church perhaps more than ever before. Charles Joanides lays out both the difficulties this issue causes and how leaders of the church--clergy and lay leaders alike--can respond. $5.

Eucharistic Ontology, Nikolaos Loudovikos

In this book, Nikolaos Loudovikos, a student of Met. John Zizoulas, continues in the theological tradition of Zizoulas and Christos Yannaras. Loudovikos examines, analyzes, and builds on the arguments of Zizoulas and Yannaras, weaving in the works of St. Maximos the Confessor. $10.

You can see these and our other sale titles here in our new sale section.

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