Lenten Blog: St. Cyril's Commentary on Isaiah

Blessed Lent! In celebration of the season, here is an excerpt from St. Cyril of Alexandria's Commentary on IsaiahIn this passage, St. Cyril analyzes a verse from today's reading (Isaiah 11:10).

"His repose will be honor, it says...[Christ] suffered willingly for our sake, not as though undergoing death, since as nature he is life, but, as it were, causing the flesh to rest for a while. This would be nothing other than honor. After all, our Lord Jesus Christ, savior of all, was glorified by undergoing execution for the sake of the world and willingly enduring death for the life of all. He said to the Father in heaven, for instance, when on the point of going to the precious cross, "Glorify your Son, in order that your Son may glorify you"; and again, "The Son of man is now glorified, and God has been glorified in him."

As far as the frenzy of the crucifiers goes, in fact, and their sacrilegious and hateful scheme, the passion represented for him guilt and shame, since they possibly believed that he suffered unwillingly. But when he came to life after plundering Hades and showing in actual fact that he is superior to death, we shall find the outcome of the event resulting in honor and glory for him. So the text says, in this sense, his repose will be honor."

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