Booklist for a Snowy Day

After the snowiest month in Boston history (and six snow days at Holy Cross!), we've emerged with some ideas for engaging winter reading. Curl up with one of these titles, a warm blanket, and a cup of tea. 

Fr. Arseny, 1893-1973: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father

When, like us, you've had six feet of snow and subzero temperatures, it's not hard to imagine life in Siberia. What is hard to imagine is the joyful spirit with which Fr. Arseny endured his trials in a prison camp. Welcome the Lenten season with this challenging and inspiring volume. 

Everyday Saints and Other Stories

You might not believe us, but in Russia, this book outsold the Harry Potter series. Down-to-earth, uplifting, and sometimes extremely funny, this collection of monastic tales will help you get through those long winter nights. 

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