This Week's Best-Sellers: the Week of St. Paisios

Call it coincidence, but we just happened to get a long-awaited shipment of books by Elder Paisios the day before he was canonized--and all of those books just happened to end up on our weekly list of best-sellers! Take a look and see what else was popular this week.

9. Orthodox Canon Law Reference Book, Vasile Mihai

A handy reference for clergy (or interested laypeople), this book lays out the Canon Law of our church. 

8. The Making of the New Testament, Theodore Stylianopoulos 

Recently featured in The Orthodox Observer, this book has consistently been in our best-sellers list for weeks. 

7. With Pain and Love for Modern Man, Elder Paisios 

Translated by Fr. Peter Chamberas, this series of Elder (now St.) Paisios' is written in a simple, conversational style. St. Paisios takes a long, hard look at our current culture in this introductory volume. 

6. Service of Small Paraklesis, Holy Cross Orthodox Press

This Paraklesis book, the same one used in our very own Holy Cross Chapel every Friday evening, is used by churches and individuals around the country. 

5. Spiritual Struggle, Elder Paisios

Volume 3 in the Spiritual Counsels series. 

4. Spiritual Awakening, Elder Paisios

Volume 2 in the Spiritual Counsels series. 

3. Pocket Prayerbook, Antiochian Archdiocese

A perennial favorite of churches and laypeople, this slim volume contains the Divine Liturgy and many occasional prayers. 

2. The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers, Stanley Harakas

Have a question about the church? This book can answer it. An invaluable resource for clergy and laity alike. 

1. Family Life, Elder Paisios

In this volume of St. Paisios' series, he discusses the family unit: what should a healthy marriage look like? How should children be raised? How does one build "the church of the home"? A book that should be on every Orthodox family's shelf. 

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