"Making of the New Testament" featured in the Orthodox Observer

Holy Cross faculty emeritus Fr. Theodore Stylianopolous' book, The Making of the New Testament, was recently featured in the Orthodox Observer. Reviewer Fr. Stanley Harakas says that Fr. Stylianopolous has "a worldwide reputation as a foremost expert in the field of New Testament academic studies," but still writes in a way that everyone can understand. 

"Bishops, priests, theologians, and religious educators should take Fr. Theodore’s message seriously," says Fr. Harakas. "Fr.Theodore emphasizes that the core of [the] gospel, that is, 'The Good News' is Jesus Christ as the Savior of all who come into this world."

Since this review was published, we've had to work hard to keep The Making of the New Testament on our shelves. Thankfully, it is now back in stock, and you can find it here or by calling us at 1 (800) 245-0599. (You can read Fr. Harakas' review here, on page 14.)

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