Staff Pick: St. Porphyrios' "Wounded by Love"

Chosen by Ephraim, today's Staff Pick happens to correspond with the feast day of the recently-elevated St. Porphyrios. We routinely sell out of Wounded by Love every time we get it in stock. Let's see why Ephraim chose it. 

How did you first hear about this book?
A friend told me about it.

Why does this book matter to you?
It is filled with helpful counsels from a saint of our own time.

What about this book did you find surprising?
Saint Porphyrios is very positive. He advises us to fall in love with Christ rather than worry about our shortcomings.

He writes: "Whoever wants to become a Christian must first become a poet. That's what it is! You must love and suffer -- Suffer for the one you love. Love makes effort for the loved one. She runs all through the night; she stays awake; she stains her feet with blood in order to meet her beloved. She makes sacrifices and disregards all impediments, threats and difficulties for the sake of the loved one. Love towards Christ is something even higher, infinitely higher... When you love Christ you exert yourself, but in blessed exertions. You suffer, but with joy. You make prostrations and pray because these are the things you crave with divine craving." (107-108).

Who should read this book?
Anyone who wants to learn what it means to fall in love with Christ.

Thanks, Ephraim! You can check out Wounded by Love and other titles about St. Porphyrios right here at Holy Cross Bookstore

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