Staff Picks: Dee Pennock's "Who is God? Who Am I? Who Are You?"

Happy Friday! This week's staff pick comes to you from Elyse. Her husband, Bryce, is a second-year seminarian who also works here at our bookstore. Elyse mans our sales desk and keeps our blog and Facebook page updated. Her Staff Pick is Dee Pennock's Who is God? Who Am I? Who Are You? 

How did you first hear about this book?
My husband was assigned this book for his Spirituality and Addictions class. It took him forever to read it: every five minutes he would stop and say, "Listen to this! This book is so good!" and read me a little. I had also heard of Dee Pennock from her book God's Path to Sanity, which is really good too.

Why does this book matter to you?
This is going to sound pathetic, but until I read this book, I had no idea how destructive pride is. I guess I was proud of having pride--but reading this book made me realize my pride was suffocating me. Dee describes each of the passions in such a clear, memorable way. Reading this book was really a life-changing experience for me. 

What about this book did you find surprising?
When I saw the cover, I expected this book to be cutesy and dated--it looks like it would be full of words like "Groovy!" and "Right On!" But it turned out to be really powerful--and the illustrations are powerful, too.

Who should read this book? 
Everybody--though it was written originally for young people. I have friends who said they read it at the ages of fifteen, twenty, and thirty-five, and each time it had something new and valuable to say. Anyone who is looking for a first step to understanding the passions (and the wisdom of the
fathers) needs to read it--now!

Thanks, Elyse! You can find Who is God, Who Am I, Who Are You and so much more right here at Holy Cross Bookstore.

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  • terry says...

    Who is the publisher of this book? I would like to add it to our church bookstore collection. Its difficult to find teenager books.
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    On October 20, 2015

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